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13-16 October, 2022 · York University, Toronto, Canada

MGSA Symposium Financial support

Eligibility: Beneficiary groups

All eligible candidates whose individual abstract or panel paper has been accepted and who will be attending the 2022 Symposium and will incur travel costs are eligible to apply for grants of up to $500 from the MGSA and its sponsors. Those from the host institution or from other universities in or near the host city who do not incur travel costs will be excluded. 

Applicants are asked to submit the following documentation (in pdf scan and via email attachment) along with their request for a reimbursement:

Please compile all documentation in one pdf scan and direct all applications to MGSAsymposium@gmail by April 29, 2022. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

International scholars coming from outside Canada or north America and have either a part-time or full-time position at a university, archive, or research center, but have no access to institutional funds, may also apply for financial support. Grants aim  to help offset costs for travel and accommodation at the symposium. 

To apply, please provide the following to MGSAsymposium@gmail :

The deadline for application in all categories is April 29th, 2022. 

Decisions will be available no later than May 15, 2022

Final decisions about financial support are made at the discretion of the Fundraising and Publicity Chair, Graduate Studies Committee Chair, the Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee, and with the support of the Executive Director. Funds will be disbursed to presenters on site when they pick up their registration materials at the symposium. No funds will be disbursed prior to this date.

Inquiries and completed applications may be sent to MGSAsymposium@gmail


Information for Presenters

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To register for the symposium, please follow this link .

Audiovisual needs, only if these exceed the standard computer and screen projection equipment.

Note: standard equipment provided includes projector, screen, Internet access, VGA cable, podium with microphone, sound, and panelists table with at least one microphone. Participants bring their own computer, connecting cords, and clicker. Please contact only if you need more than any of the standard equipment items listed above.